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In her own words, Anna wants to be known as “The girl with something to say”. What a better way to achieve this than through her beautiful music?

Anna Cole is a 14 year-old Pop singer-songwriter based in North Carolina, USA. Her vocal and performing talent has been apparent ever since she was very young. Anna’s family immediately noticed her vocal skills, and her ability to take melody to the next level. She began performing live songs in North Carolina at age 8.

In 2017, Anna released her debut EP with a live outdoor performance under the Great American Solar Eclipse. This unique event put her in the national spotlight. Her story was covered by US News and World Report, and picked up by the Associated Press and appeared in over 450 newspapers and online news outlets throughout the United States and territories.

This EP release event set in motion her introduction into the performing arts industry and beyond. Since then, Anna has released new songs, including ‘Don’t Go’, a very moving and emotional song that raises awareness about teen suicide. The ‘Don’t Go’ YouTube music video speaks directly to teens thinking about ending their life, tells a very realistic story, and provides a hopeful path for survival. It has allowed Anna to become a role model for many young girls and troubled teens.

Through her song „Don’t Go”, Anna explores one of the most difficult topics of her generation: teen suicide. Tackling this very serious issue, it is special to see a young girl who holds such a deep insight into a topic that is very personal and affects so many. Through her song, Anna speaks not only to her generation, but to people from all walks of life. She wants to educate and help them, and shows the listener “Yes, there is a much better answer out there; Life”.

Much more than just an entertainer, Anna is striving to create a deeper connection with people by sharing other very important messages. She is giving her voice to those who haven’t got one. In fact, she has participated in several social and community functions and is using her talent to serve her community by appearing with organizations such as „Stand Up and Bee Heard,“ which runs a regional teen anti-bullying campaign. Anna is helping them spread their compelling message, and she continues to address issues that affect millions of young people not only in the United States but also across the whole world.

Anna performs regionally on a regular basis. She has represented her country many times by singing the National Anthem at events including Professional Baseball and NASCAR. She has made guest appearances at numerous local festivals with recording artists such as The Tams as well as appearances on commercial radio stations. She continues to hone her craft through live performance and build her fan base through her Instagram and other social media.

Anna is currently working with some of the top music producers in the industry on her latest tracks, including three upcoming singles with Austin Leeds (Avicii, Paul Van Dyk). Anna is also scheduled to drop her new single “You Get To Me” on September 27th, 2019 along with a music video directed by Patrick Lincoln who has previously worked with industry artists Blackwell and Young Bull.

Her music is influenced by a multitude of contemporary and legendary recording artists such as Dua Lipa, Anne Marie, Sigala, and classic rockers Journey. To support her single, she will release a YouTube music video for ‚You Get To Me‘ as well as have it available on all major music platforms.

In 2019 Anna signed with management firm Aggressive Music Group headed by Erik Azizi in Minneapolis, MN and through AGM she will release several new songs including ‘You Get To Me’ in the fall of 2019. Anna is also preparing to release an EP in the spring of 2020. These infectious new Pop songs contained in the upcoming ‘Anna Cole’ EP include the single ‘No Regrets’, and are perfect for the times. They also have complimenting YouTube music videos that be seen on her YouTube channel. Catchy and trendy, these songs are available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Anna has set her sights on signing with a record label and releasing her music on an international level. She is passionate about performing and is actively chasing her dream of touring fulltime in support of her releases, all while doing what she loves! Links to Anna Cole social media:


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